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How to watch the lessons

Explaining how to watch the lessons

How to use the AI Virtual Music Instructor

Explaining how to use the AI Virtual Music Instructor

Account page

Explaining how to use account page

Payment/Plan change

Explaining about payment and plan change

How to watch the lessons

How to watch the lessons
To watch lessons, subscription to a plan and logging in are required. There are three types of plans:

– Free
– Pro
– Premium

The Free plan allows you to watch only the latest Daily Lesson. Both the Pro and Premium plans allow you to watch all lessons repeatedly as many times as you want.
To watch a lesson, please select your desired lesson from the lesson page and view it. Daily Lessons can also be viewed from the Daily Lesson section on the Top page.

Bookmarking Lessons
If you have a favorite lesson, you can bookmark it for easy re-watching. Click the ‘Bookmark’ button located below the lesson video. Confirmation and re-watching can be done from the Bookmark page. You can bookmark up to a maximum of 100 lessons.

To delete bookmarks, individual deletion is done via the trash can icon, and to delete all, use ‘Delete All’

How to use the AI Virtual Music Instructor

Users on the Pro and Premium plans can chat with an AI virtual music instructor, which is specially tuned for music expertise, and receive answers to music-related questions and advice. The AI chat feature is not available for users on the Free plan. The AI chat is located below the lesson videos. Please enter your question or the content for which you want advice, and click the ‘Send’ button.

By pressing the microphone button, voice input is also possible. Additionally, on the left side chat sidebar, there are buttons for past dialogue history and starting a new chat. Dialogue history is reset every month.*

*This is the current specification and may change in the future depending on the situation.

How to use the account page​

You can access the Account page from the top menu.

On the Account page, you can check and update user information, subscription plan, and payment information, change the password, as well as review bookmarked lessons and contact user support.

View Payments:
You can view your payment history, including the history of monthly automatic deductions.

View Subscription:
You can check your subscription plan. Not only the current active plan but also past plan history can be viewed.
Inside the subscription plan page, you can upgrade or downgrade your current plan. For web and tablet users, click the menu with three dots at the right end of the active plan; for smartphone users, it’s located at the bottom action section. From there, a pop-up for changing plans will appear, where you can make the change

Payment / Plan Change

Payments are made as a fixed monthly amount using a credit card or PayPal. Subscription sign-ups and payments can be made from the Plan & Pricing page, or from the Plan section on the homepage.

Subscription cancellation can be done at any time from the Account page. Please ensure to cancel your subscription through the Account page. Cancelling directly through PayPal’s My Page may not properly stop the payment processing.

You can upgrade or downgrade your current plan. This can be done from the Account page, or by purchasing another plan on the Plan & Pricing page, which will automatically switch your plan. Please note that a new monthly payment will be initiated from the date of the switch, and refunds for already paid fees are not available.

Plans can also be temporarily suspended. You can resume at any time and no charges will be incurred during the suspension. However, refunds for payments already made are not possible.